Jamelia Jackson


Jamelia was born in Kingston, Jamaica but migrated to the United Kingdom when she was aged 12. Jamelia had always stood out in her local community, although she may not have succeeded academically (dropping out of Croydon High School aged only 15) many who knew her knew she was destined for something big. Her parents were both devout christians and participated in many events with the Church. Jamelia enjoyed participating in the gospel choir and won Croydon's Got Talent in 1971 after a breathtaking cover of My Heart Will Go On. Jamelia was also renowned for being a big lover of food and was taught to cook by her mother until she passed away when Jamelia was only 19 years old. Jamelia now dedicates every meal that she either prepares or eats to her mother, Trinika-Tamila Lakresha Jackson.
Jamelia's father was a world renowned surgeon but was forced to retire early after he had been found guilty of amputating limbs of patients who did not require amputations. In one case noted by the prosecution, Jamelia's father (Agwe-Eggbert Dymond Jackson) was noted for having performed a duel Hip disarticulation as well as a duel Shoulder disarticulation on a patient who had not even gone in to the hospital for surgery but was instead supposed to be recieving her 10 week antenatal check-up as she was pregnant at the time. Jamelia's father was sentenced to 14 years in prison with a life license and is due to be released in 2019. Jamelia maintains her now 94 year old father's innocence and continues to campaign for his release to this day.


Jamelia Jackson is now a household name, having appeared on many high profile television shows and movies. Jamelia was once a familiar face on the Loose Women panel from April 2013 - June 2014 and has guest hosted the One Show many times. Jamelia is primarily known for her honest and bubbly personality which first gained notoriety as she appeared on a contestant on BBC gameshow 'Perfection' hosted by Jamelia's long-time friend, Nick Knowles. Jamelia now has regular television appearances and has had cameos in movies such as Johnny English, Johnny English Reborn and Hot Fuzz.

Cooking with Jamelia

In 2017, Jamelia Jackson was approached to star and produce her own television show related to one of her main passions in life, that being cooking. Working alongside some of the best talent in the industry Jamelia worked hard to produce a 22 episode series named 'Cooking With Jamelia' (Sometimes spelled 'Cooking Wif Jamelia'). The production company had planned to release the series as both a YouTube series as well as traditional television show.
In December 2017, Jamelia announced via her Facebook page that the production company had come to an agreement with UKTV that the series would be carried on the network's 'Home' channel and would be released in weekly installments from sometime in the 2018 new year, it was also agreed that the series would be released on YouTube alongside the broadcast of the show on UKTV Home. However, when Jamelia had posted a trailer for the show to her YouTube channel a UKTV representative illegally filed a takedown request on the video, attempting to steal the content as something that UKTV had produced. This provoked a lengthy court battle in the now famous 'Jackson V. UKTV MEDIA LIMITED'.